Below you can find some of my most recent syllabi:

Bible and Western Culture I: RELS 2310 syllabus Spring 2022

Introduction to Jewish Studies: JWST 2380 syllabus Spring 2022

Jewish-Muslim Relations (with Emran El-Badawi): ARAB 3397.JWST 3397.El-Badawi.Tamber-RosenauSP19

Goddesses and Other Divine Women: WCL 3355 Spring 2022 syllabus

Women in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: JWST.RELS 3371 syllabus Summer 2021

Jews in the Ancient World: JWST RELS 3373 syllabus Fall 2021

The Bible and Modern Pop Culture: RELS.JWST 2372 syllabus Summer 2021

And here are some syllabi from other courses I have taught in the past:

Introduction to Judaism syllabus

Themes in the Hebrew Bible syllabus

Classical Judaism syllabus

Gender Sexuality Desire syllabus

Elementary Biblical Hebrew I syllabus

Elementary Biblical Hebrew II syllabus