Public Speaking

Are you affiliated with a synagogue, Jewish Community Center, church, school, or other community group? I would love to come teach at your community event. Available topics include but are not limited to:

  • Women in Drag: Gender and Performance in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature (my book!)
  • What Everyone Should Know about Judaism
  • The Torah on Trump: American Rabbinic Biblical Interpretation after the 2016 Election
  • Untold Tales of Sinai (early Jewish retellings and reinterpretations of the Exodus Sinai material)
  • Women and the Ten Commandments
  • Beyond Judeo-Christian: Teaching about Judaism in Schools
  • December Holidays and Inclusion in Schools
  • Scandalous Tales of the Maccabees
  • Deborah, Delilah, and Beyond: Women in the Book of Judges
  • Biblical Bathing Beauties and the Manipulation of the Male Gaze
  • How to Get a Head: Woman Warriors in Early Jewish Literature
  • The Book of Judith
  • The Lord Has Brought Me Back Empty: Unwelcoming the Stranger in the Book of Ruth

Please get in touch through the contact link above to discuss rates, topics, and availability.