• My book Women in Drag: Gender and Performance in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature was published in November 2018 in Gorgias Press’s Biblical Intersections series.
  • My article “No Future for Bethulia? Judith and Queer Time,” was published in fall 2020 in Biblical Interpretation, in a special issue dedicated to the Bible and queer time.
  • My article “Biblical Bathing Beauties and the Manipulation of the Male Gaze: What Judith Can Tell Us about Bathsheba and Susanna” was published in fall 2017 in the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion.
  • My article “Female Diplomats in Jewish Elephantine? A New Look at a Papyrus from the Yedaniah Archive” was published in spring 2016 in the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament.
  • I have a chapter in the anthology Motherhood in the Jewish Cultural Imagination, published in August 2017 by Littman’s Jewish Cultural Studies series. That chapter is called “The ‘Mothers’ Who Weren’t: Motherhood Imagery and Childless Women Warriors in Early Jewish Literature.” The anthology was a finalist in the Women’s Studies category of the National Jewish Book Award.
  • My book chapter “A Queer Critique of Looking for ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ Voices” will appear in the forthcoming The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Approaches to the Hebrew Bible.
  • I have a “Contributing Voices” essay on queering Holofernes set to appear in Jennifer Koosed and Robert Seesengood’s forthcoming Judith volume in the Wisdom Commentary series.
  • I had two short articles for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception published in 2016.

Please check back for updates about my publications!