Caryn’s book: Women in Drag

You can buy my new book, Women in Drag: Gender and Performance in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature, here or here!


From the publisher: “From Jael’s tent peg to Judith’s sword, biblical interpreters have long recognized the power of the “lethal women” stories of the Hebrew Bible and related literature. The tales of Jael and Judith, female characters who assassinate enemy commanders, have fascinated artists, writers, and scholars for centuries, no doubt partly because of the gender of the characters doing the killing. Tamber-Rosenau presents the first systematic study, both text-centered and deeply engaged with a variety of queer-theoretical frameworks, of the motif of the woman-turned-warrior in ancient Jewish literature. Through analysis from queer-theoretical perspectives and comparison with Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman literature, Women in Drag shines new light on three strong female characters from the Hebrew Bible and the early days of Jewish literature.”

And check out this gorgeous promotional flyer from Gorgias!

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